Notes, Charts, and Vocab

This is a landing page for all the notes, charts, and vocabulary that we will use this semester. Feel free to consult both these notes and the slideshows to study and practice.

Regarding vocabulary, it is important to do more than just memorize the words in the lists below in order. Research shows that you have to make multiple connections (thematic, linguistic, structural) in order for you to really gain understand the meaning of a new word. Try reordering the list below into declensions, words with shared meanings, and parts of speech so that your brain can recognize these words, their meanings, and their forms in context.

Master Lists and Charts

Module 1: Nouns and Adjectives

Module 2: Verbs

Module 2: Verbs (Pluperfect and Future Perfect Indicative, All Subjunctive) (After Fall Break)

Module 3: Prepositions, Expressions of Space, Expressions of Time

Module 4: Verbal Nouns and Adjectives

Module 5: Questions

Module 6: Indirect Statement

Module 7: Temporal Clauses

Module 8 - Personal Pronouns, Deponents, and Irregular Verbs