Digital Projects


Ryan Pasco, a colleague at BU, and I have long been interested in digital tools for Classics, but we were left to our own devices as to what tools were available or how they could be applied in a classroom setting. Keeping the beginner in mind, we created ergaleia, an abbreviated list of digital tools for the classicist that emphasizes utility and application rather than functionality, though the list includes a broad range of functionalities. We hope that this list, along with the accompanying blog, will help those interested in digital tools gain a sense of what’s available and how to apply this knowledge to teaching and research.

Check out the ergaleia website here and the ergaleia Twitter feed here.

Ovid Bot

I created a Twitter bot designed to tweet out a random line of Ovid’s poetry every six hours. The project data came from the Tesserae Project, and I used Python to code the bot.

Check out Ovid Bot on Twitter here and the Github repo, for those interested in the code, here.