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For any given class period, the assignment(s) listed under the date should be prepared for that class; so, for example, you will be expected to come to class on Tuesday, February 9, having prepared In Verrem I.1-2. Please note that “prepare” does NOT mean “write out a translation” – in fact, you are expressly forbidden from writing out a translation to bring to class. “Prepare” means to make grammatical notes (identify person, number, tense, voice, and mood of verbs; gender, case, and number of nouns, adjectives, and participles; etc.), mark your Latin text with syntactic and structural aides (parentheses to sequester clauses or phrases, arrows to indicate possession or modification, underlines, circles, etc.), and note down unfamiliar vocab or conjugations or declensions. Writing out a translation means that you’re not actually doing the work of understanding how the Latin works, which is infinitely more important than coming up with a “perfect” translation.

Week 1

Tuesday, February 2

Thursday, February 4

Week 2 - Political Jockeying in the Verrines

Tuesday, February 9

Thursday, February 11

Week 3

Tuesday, February 16

Thursday, February 18

Week 4 - A Consul, a Coup, and a Catiline

Tuesday, February 23

Thursday, February 25

Week 5

Tuesday, March 2

Thursday, March 4

Week 6 - A Defense of the Liberal Arts, or, What Are We Even Doing Here

Tuesday, March 9

Thursday, March 11

Week 7

Tuesday, March 16

Thursday, March 18

Week 8 - Of Meretrices and Men

Tuesday, March 23

Thursday, March 25

Week 9

Tuesday, March 30

Easter Break: 4/1 - 4/6

Week 10

Thursday, April 8


Week 11

Tuesday, April 13

Thursday, April 15

Week 12 - Talk ****, Get Hit: Cicero’s Big Miscalculation

Tuesday, April 20

Thursday, April 22

Week 13

Tuesday, April 27

Thursday, April 29

Week 14

Tuesday, May 4

Thursday, May 6

Friday, May 7

Study Period: 5/8 - 5/11

Exam Period: 5/12 - 5/18