Intermediate Greek 2
Spring 2021


Monday, April 26

Hom. Il. 22.260-288

Wednesday, April 28

No class (Academic Conference)

Friday, April 30

Course Information

Meeting Time: MWF 9:15am to 10:05am
Meeting Place: Online (Zoom)
Instructor: Prof. Daniel Libatique (he/him/his)
Office: Fenwick 410
Student Hours: T 12-1pm, Th 1-2pm, or by appointment
E-mail: dlibatiq [at]
Website: Click here.

Course Description

This semester, we will learn about the world of archaic Greek epic by reading selections of Homer’s Iliad in Greek and selected passages in translation. We will build your syntactic and grammatical knowledge of Homeric Greek, discuss features of Homeric epic like formulae and the oral tradition, expand your reading comprehension beyond surface-level translation, practice reciting Greek in dactylic hexameter, and explore the rich relationships between characters like Achilles and Patroclus. Our reading list includes selections from Books 1, 16, 18, and 22.