Introduction to Latin 2 - Spring 2020

Course Information - Section 01

Meeting Time: MWF 9am to 9:50am
Meeting Place: Stein 134
Instructor: Prof. Dominic Machado (he/him/his)
Office: Fenwick 413
Student hours: MW 10-11 AM or by appointment
E-mail: dmachado [at]

Course Information - Sections 02, 03

Meeting Time: 02 - MWF 8am to 8:50am; 03 - MWF 11am to 11:50am
Meeting Place: 8am: Stein 216; 11am: Stein 134
Instructor: Prof. Daniel Libatique (he/him/his)
Office: Fenwick 426
Student Hours: M 2-4pm, W 3-5pm, or by appointment
E-mail: dlibatiq [at]
Website: Click here.

This course is the second semester of a year-long introduction to the Latin language, the mode of communication that defines the literature and culture of ancient Rome. Basic familiarity with Latin and the topics introduced in LATN 101 (Introduction to Latin 1) is required. This course will build upon the basics of the Latin language introduced in the first semester (e.g., declension, conjugation, complex sentence structure, etc.) and eventually build towards a strong command of Latin vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. The goal of first-year Latin is to build a solid foundation for reading actual ancient Roman texts. As such, the acquisition of those linguistic skills, elucidated and practiced through classroom practice and translation and composition exercises, will set a foundation for reading unedited Latin from Hyginus’ Fabulae, a compendium of Greco-Roman myth.

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