Course Texts

Primary Textbook

Other Important Books

The cost of books should never be a deterrent to participation in a class that you want to take. If you have trouble affording our course textbook, please let me know, and I will work to get you an affordable copy through the resources of the College.

Electronic Resources

LibGuide - Our awesome Classics librarian, Mrs. Jennifer Whelan MLIS, has put together a page of resources to help us navigate the various types of sources and information that we’ll be dealing with in this course. Check it out!

Cornell notes example - A note-taking method suggested by Alison Innes that may help you organize your notes and thoughts throughout lecture more easily.

Eidolon - “Classics without Fragility.” An online journal with modern takes on Classical texts and society.

The Sportula - Microgrants for Classics undergrads. If you’re struggling money-wise and need help for anything relating to your studies (buying books, paying for food, studying abroad, etc.), the Sportula can help.

Diotima - resources for studying women in the ancient world.