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CBL Attendance and Participation: 16%

This section of Latin 101 has a CBL component. You will be teaching Latin at one of three local elementary once a week from early October onwards.

Your participation in this essential part of the class will be graded based on attendance and preparation. CBL attendance will make up 7% of your grade and you will lose 1% for every unexcused absence from your CBL assignment. In order to achieve the remaining 9% for preparation, you and your group mates will turn in three portfolios with materials that you intend to use in your classroom visits.

I know this may seem like a daunting task and to that effect, I have tried to integrate the CBL component into our daily workflow. I have allotted time in class to develop materials to use for school visit. Further, I have tried to make some of your assignments suitable for use (with adaption) in the classroom setting.

Daily Quizzes: 18%

We will have thirty-six daily quizzes that test you on basic grammatical concepts and vocabulary that you have prepared for class. The quizzes will be short (less than five minutes) and administered at the very beginning of class. The quizzes are designed to ensure that you are doing daily work (i.e. studying and memorizing) necessary to do well in this class.

NB: If you miss a quiz due to an excused absence, you can make-up the quiz. If your absence is unexcused, you will receive a 0% on that day’s quiz.

Six translations: 36%

Instead of more traditional assessments, you will have a series of twelve take-home assignments. Six of these will be translations. These assignment will require to analyze a Latin passage grammatically and syntactically and then translate that passage from Latin into English. You will turn your translation assignment in hard copy.

Six compositions: 30%

The other six take-home assignments will be compositions. These assignments will ask you to compose a short passage in Latin using prompts and vocabulary that I will provide in advance. They will assess how well you understand the grammatical and syntactic structures that we have reviewed in class. Your composition will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory scale. I am not looking for perfection, but adherence to the instructions and a solid effort.


You will have an opportunity to revise all of your translation and composition assignments. Revisions will allow you to earn back up to half of the points you lost in the case of translation assignments and to turn an unsatisfactory into satisfactory in the case of composition assignments.

In order to receive credit for your revisions, you must come to my office and talk me through your corrections within two weeks of receiving your graded assignment.

Late Work

Late work will not be accepted unless you have an excused absence. Because you have the opportunity to revise your grade up, it is always better to turn something in.